• What course should I take?

    Depending on your current level, your interest, you can choose the most suitable course for you. To discover the course content, you can look at the course description and the course introduction video, that can help you decide.

  • Are these courses taught in Northern or Southern dialect?

    All courses have included details what dialects are taught in that course , either in title or subtitles.

  • Should I learn Northern Vietnamese or Southern Vietnamese Dialect?

    IF YOU CURRENTLY LIVE IN VIETNAM, you should pick the accent that is used the area you live. Why? There is a fact that people in Ho Chi Minh City do not really speak Northern Vietnamese which is considered “standardized” and Vietnamese living in Middle region sounds quite different from those the North and the South.

    IF YOU'VE GOT A PLAN TO TRAVEL TO OR STAY IN VIETNAM, You can choose the accent spoken in the place you will spend time exploring.

    IF YOU ARE TRAVELING THE ENTIRE VIETNAM, our advice for you is that you can learn the accent of the first city you are going to arrive and be aware that you will have to adapt quickly when changing places.

    IF YOU ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY BUT WANT TO LEARN VIETNAMESE , we suggest you choose the accent they speak so that you can make yourself understood better by them. As we know, Vietnamese in the United States may speak Southern dialect while those in Former Soviet countries use northern one.

    YOU DO NOT BELONG TO ANY SITUATIONS ABOVE If you just simple want to learn Vietnamese, then pick any accent you like. There are many courses and tutors here for you to select. Vietlingo have many materials in both accents.

    HOWEVER, You can always choose one accent and learn some pronunciation and vocabulary differences when moving to another one. Basically, people in the South can understand Northern accent and vice versa.

  • Can I study with the teacher face to face?

    VietLingo offer both self-study courses and 1-on-1 tutoring lessons, if you need help from a Vietnamese teacher, you can easily find your teacher on this site http://vietlingo.vn/teachers. Every learner can have a free 30-mins trial lessons with any teacher.

  • I can’t find my answer?

    If you still have more questions feel free to send an email info@vietlingo.vn